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The Issue

Mother to child transmission is the major cause of HIV in children. Children in Sub Saharan Africa and developing countries carry the biggest burden of this disease due to lack of access to medical care.   


The prevention of mother to child transmission is now understood and in developed countries timely medical intervention can reduce the risk of transmission to less than 2%. In under resourced areas the transmission risk can still be as high as 35%.

This prevention gap can only be addressed through coordinated effort. Medical services and knowhow must get to the hard to reach communities in sustainable ways that can be easily adopted by the local health teams.

ABC is working through Rotary and other partner organisations to narrow this gap though education and medical access.  Our project work in Uganda has shown that Rotary members can mobilise resources in a highly effective way.

Since 1981, the United Nations AIDS (UNAIDS) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have been gathering information and developing strategies to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic and mother to child transmission. In parallel, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has developed medical protocols that have been adopted in many countries.

Further information is available from their respective websites using the links provided on the left. 

No child needs to be born with HIV