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Saving children’s lives

MSK facing the local press

Mohammed Kibirige (pictured right)

How ABC was born ?

The concept for ABC was developed by Mohammed Kibirige, a retired paediatrician and member of the Rotary Club of Middlesbrough. Mohammed is professionally and personally committed to child health.

Born in Uganda, his home visits brought him in contact with orphans whose parents had died from HIV. He also became aware of the large number of babies contracting HIV from their mothers. Without treatment most children will die before the age of five or live much shortened and difficult lives.

This is particularly likely to occur if the child is born in rural areas where the mothers and children have limited or no access to medical services or education. Poverty and lack of transportation prevent easy access to medical centres. Furthermore rural areas are poorly served by trained medical teams and have meagre access to HIV testing and preventative drugs.

Yet drugs and procedures are now available that can prevent mother to child transmission of HIV. We believe that all children have the right to be born HIV free.

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