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In supporting the Malawi government to achieve the 90-90-90 targets, Dream Malawi has been working with different partners in the fight against HIV.

One of the programs that Dream Malawi has been pioneering is the PMTCT program. Since Malawi adopted option B+ and latest the test and treat strategy there is still low retention rates for the HIV+ women enrolled on the PMTCT program. Secondly only 30% of children exposed to HIV are tested within two months of birth. With these obstacles there is great need for significant investment in specialized health workforce, equipment, monitoring and follow ups on all PMTCT clients.

In this regard Dream Malawi has partnered with ABC to adopt a light model through which high quality PMTCT services will be provided in public maternity wards displaying poor PMTCT care results. The partnership will also support the maternity with transport, equipment and training of health staff who will be working at the maternity unit.

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